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Samuel Claytor, President

Welcome to the BICO Drilling Tools, Inc. web site where you will find useful information about our company, our products and services, our mission, and our affiliates.  We strive to do business with honesty and integrity, be good stewards of the environment, and be good citizens in the communities in which we operate.  We currently operate in 6 locations around the United States with our headquarters in Houston, Texas.  These include Buckhannon, West Virginia; Casper, Wyoming; Lafayette, Louisiana; Midland, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In addition, we added a base in Dubai and plan to add a base near Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in the near future.

In 2017, BICO celebrated its 26th anniversary.  Since 1991, one of our strengths has been our ability to recruit and retain talented, experienced, and motivated employees.  We make every effort to provide a work environment in which our employees’ contributions are recognized and rewarded.  We have a lean, efficient organizational structure that empowers decision making at all levels.  Simply stated, our people are what made BICO the success story it is today and will be in the future.


We are a recognized leader in positive displacement drilling motor technology.  Our main goal is to maximize ROP because ultimately, that reduces our customers’ overall drilling cost.  In this regard, our SpiroStar product line has been a proven performance leader in both through-tubing and open-hole applications for many years.  In 2016, we introduced SpiroStar Supreme which is a step change in even-wall technology and produces as much as 50% more torque than hard-rubber power sections.  SpiroStar Supreme stators are one feature of our MASTER (Motor Assist System to Enhance ROP) line of motors that were introduced in 2017.  We are a company in motion and we are dedicated to innovation, quality, safety, and performance.

We encourage you to spend some time browsing our web site so you can learn more about our company.  We like to think that we combine traditional values with the aggressiveness in decision making that is one of the benefits of working in a small company.