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MASTER is an acronym for Motor Assisted System To Enhance ROP. The MASTER series is a line of motors that utilize custom designed and field tested features for specific downhole drilling and completion applications.

Some of these include rotary steerable assist, straighthole performance drilling, re-entry, plug drilling and casing cutting operations. Some of the features that may be utilized in these tools may include:

  • SpiroStar Supreme Power Sections

  • 30% less rubber than other evenwall stators

  • High strength forged drive shaft

  • Pin down drive shaft for RS assist

  • Reduced external connections for performance drilling

  • “Rifle bore” stabilization package

  • Stators with reduced shelf life

  • High flow models


  • Reduced hours on key internal components

  • Premium 3rd party  inspection level

  • Enhanced external connections

  • Multiple transmission options

  • Multiple retention systems

  • Hot hole elastomer & adhesives for stators

  • Low flow models for lost circulation applications                  

  • Performance tiled radial bearings


The tools are available in a variety of configurations ranging from 1-11/16”-11-1/4”. Our goal is to complete a given task more efficiently in a safe manner by utilizing state of the art features to increase ROP and reduce downtime time while improving borehole quality.