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Dynamometer testing building is located in BICO Headquarters located in Houston, Texas and offers BICO customers enhanced operating performance data from thru tubing to openhole drilling motors. Dynamometer is also utilized to test BICO downhole tools that are in R&D stages. Dynamometer testing provides feedback on performance of the downhole tools that include pressure, torque, flow and rpm. The test provides additional confidence for suitable performance before the motor is run downhole. 


  • Thrutubing Dyno test at 90 gpm, at 2,800 psi cont., Torque 5,590 ft-lbs

  • Open Hole Motor Dyno test 600 gpm, at 1800 psi cont., 25,000 ft-lbs

  • Cooling System for extended testing

  • Dynamometer availability in Houston (Openhole, Thru Tubing), Casper (Openhole) and Dubai (Thru Tubing)